Paula in her home office

Paula DeGirolamo, a Local Area Coordinator for the communities of Creswell, Whitwell, Hodthorpe and Belph is adjusting to working from home.

Paula said:

“I support people to achieve a better life - whatever that means to them, connecting them to their local community resources and services when needed.

“My role relies heavily on good communication and meeting people face to face but during Covid-19 I have had to adapt and do things differently.”

Paula is herself on the NHS Shield and Protect list and said:

“I am now working from home and not able to get out and about because I need to be shielded and self-isolate indoors for 12 weeks. This is hard because I am used to being very active.

“Working from home is different. I've set up a work station in the corner of my spare room, alongside my Jack Russell pal Archie.”

Paula has set up an information board on her wall about support groups and services operating in Derbyshire.

She contacts people who are on the NHS Shield and Protect list, who have asked for additional help from their local authority, and signposts them to the correct help.

She also contacts vulnerable people across Bolsover District, Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire who might find themselves in complex situations.