Welfare benefits advisor

One such person is Carolyn Green who usually works as a Derbyshire County Council Welfare Benefits advisor.

However during the past few months she’s been supporting residents and staff at our Beechcroft care home.

Carolyn said:

“When I found out that I could perhaps offer my time in a caring capacity I knew that it was something that I really wanted to try and do.  I am just so glad that I did as it has been such an incredibly rewarding and moving experience, and I am in awe at those who care full-time; they are amazing people.”

Carolyn received training and support in order to help her start working with residents and is really enjoying her time at the home.

Carolyn added:

“To be able to help the residents, who I feel I am getting to know really well now, is just marvellous and very humbling. 

“These people are completely reliant upon help from others and they are so grateful that it is very heart-warming, and I look forward to my next shift.

“I am so pleased that I decided to volunteer and cannot recommend it enough to those who may be considering doing the same.  It is extremely hard work, but well worth every minute!”