That’s certainly true for one group of Derbyshire County Council workers who’ve set up a staff what’s app group to share information, ideas and positivity.

Angela Pownall, Temporary Group Manager for Bolsover Prevention, Personalisation and Direct Care said:

“I feel being part of this group has helped us to support each other in both personal and professional ways.

“During the last few weeks some of us have shared tears but most of all we have shared fun and laughter without which things would have been a lot more difficult.

“Lynden Cooper is one of our group members.  Each week he shares a video of the ‘clap for carers’ evening when he plays a different tune on his brass instrument for us, his family and neighbours.

“I would like to thank all of our colleagues for the support that we offer each other and for Derbyshire residents.  A massive thank you to them all.”