Senior care worker at front door

She, and all the care home team, are working hard to keep residents happy, safe and well during these unusual times. 

Lynsey said:

“We are taking care of our residents and aiming to keep them safe from the current situation. We are keeping spirits high between residents and staff!  

“It’s hard as staff are naturally worried and some residents need reassurance due to the current situation but we are a brilliant work team and always find ways to keep each other’s spirits high. 

“All staff here play an important role from management, senior, care, kitchen, domestic - it’s all such a vital role without each other we all couldn’t do our own job!

“Each and every member of staff here are making a huge difference I feel just by aiming to prevent the spread of the virus around the home. 

“I’m very proud to be part of such an amazing team that are working so hard to protect our residents especially at a time where everyone is scared and worried.” 

Lynsey Arthur, Senior Care Worker