Wendy Blunt working

Wendy says: “I am working very closely with the voluntary sector in Chesterfield and Derbyshire County Council’s Community Response Hub. All the referrals for help in Chesterfield come through to Derbyshire Voluntary Action. They are then forwarded onto me. 

“The referrals are for assistance from people in Chesterfield who are shielding, vulnerable or self-isolating.

“We might help them with shopping and prescription collections, or they might just be wanting a friendly chat because they are feeling isolated, lonely or sad. 

“Once we have this information, we then coordinate with a team of volunteers to get the jobs done. It’s very rewarding knowing you are helping someone.

“I love speaking to the fabulous people of Chesterfield. We have some wonderful volunteers out there that go above and beyond to help the people of Chesterfield.  And it’s always lovely to help people who are in need, especially at this uncertain time where none of us know what’s around the corner.”

Wendy Blunt, Chesterfield Borough Council