Amber Valley Voices

Amber Valley Voices was started 5 and a half years ago with a small group of local music lovers, led by musical director, Angie Cope.

There's over 100 members now and they're not letting the pandemic stop them from making wonderful music together.

Di Gee, a choir member, said:

“We have such fun! And singing is so mentally and physically beneficial, we all go out of choir meetings feeling happy.

“Our members have a wide range of ages, musical abilities and physical challenges but we all feel part of a loving, fun family who take care of each other.”

While they can't meet up in person, the choir have been practising via zoom and they've have set up a Whatsapp choir chatterbox group and a weekly e newsletter to help them all keep in touch too.

Di added:

“We get to see and speak to each other as well as sing our wonderful songs.

“That's really important for us, to actually see each other and many of our song lyrics now have added meaning in the current situation - 'We'll Meet Again' was particularly poignant.

“Our choir members are a real community, set within our local community, led by amazing people, all sharing friendship, fun and good music and helping each other. I think we're a really good example of the Derbyshire Spirit.”

Angie and choir accompanist Chris Lawry have written and recorded a special lock down song called 'The Little Things.'

You can listen to the choir perform it.