Man stood with a motorbike

Paul, from Heath, who set up the Mental Health Motorbike group said:

“Three out of four suicides are men.

“Having lost a friend last year to suicide I decided it was time to do something about this. In less than four weeks we’ve had nine people contact us who were suicidal when they made contact.

“Anyone can make a difference if they open their ears and eyes to what people are sharing with them - be that difference”

The team have gained over 1,200 Facebook members in the last six weeks, are supporting people through a member’s support group and have helped 22 people in crisis through one to sessions.

The group also take part in virtual motorbike rideouts each week and run online support.

They have also just recruited 5 mental health professionals and volunteers who will be able provide support and help for people going through emotional difficulties.

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