Woman holding a leaflet

Tracy Marsh, our former Head of Children’s Centres has been documenting her thoughts and created a book – The Ramblings of a Self-Isolator - which is raising money for Child Bereavement UK.

Tracy said:

“I have always loved writing and lockdown gave me the opportunity to have the time to reflect on the changes to our everyday lives and put my thoughts into words.

“I feel so lucky to live in Derbyshire and used my daily walks, in and around Wingerworth during the first six week, to gather my thoughts about how we were having to adapt our routines to respond to fighting the pandemic.

“My book looks at our new way of living in a light-hearted way but with reminders of how we should value all that we have and look for the positives. “

“My experience of working for Childrens Services in Derbyshire for a significant time in my career led to my choice of charity. Knowing the impact this pandemic would have on some children's lives I wanted to contribute to services which would help them.”

Tracy has decided to donate the money from each sale to Child Bereavement UK, a charity that provides bereavement support to children, young people and families when a child grieves and when a child dies.

Tracy’s first book is selling very well and a follow up is due out very soon.

Tracy said:

“I hope readers will enjoy the book, recognise the changes and progress as the days and weeks pass by and reflect on this moment in time.

“I hope they will appreciate the light-hearted scenarios but understand that the reason for their purchase is to help traumatised children on their road to recovery.”

The Ramblings of a Self-Isolator costs £7.50. To order a copy please email: tracymarsh101@gmail.com or contact Hygge Emporium at Clay Cross to collect one.