Clare Limb with some of the Art Sharing exhibits

Hundreds of people have been able to visit an exhibition of local artwork from over 30 local residents and community groups, thanks to a community art project.

Clare Limb started the project as a way of helping out her community, she said:

“The real inspiration for the sharing came from my fellow members of the community who during lockdown had, I discovered, channelled their creativity in order to help themselves and others through difficult times.

“It was a truly humbling experience to work on the project as so many people gave their time to make it happen and so many people came out to support it, despite these difficult times.”

The event took place at The Glebe Field Centre and The Crich Tramway Village in partnership with ARTstand, a group of local artists who held an exhibition and sale of art in an adjacent space to the art sharing at The Glebe.

Clare is keen to keep the local creativity flowing and has now set up the 'Rhymes and Lines' project where local residents can submit creative or reflective writing on any topic.

She’s hoping to get the submissions printed into a collection to be distributed in spring.

She added:

“I can't wait to read them as they come in and start to imagine what they will look like in print! I even think that - should it be possible - we might even be able to put on a live event in the warmer months with readings of the works submitted.”