Arts and crafts made by brownies

They were determined to make sure their troops could carry on feeling part of the guiding family, even though they couldn’t be together.

Wendy Slater, one of the troop leaders said:

“They were desperate at the idea that they couldn’t go to school or Guides and see their friends. We asked if they’d like us to carry on with Guiding if we could manage it and they were very keen.

“The leaders met and decided we could do long-distance guiding and gathered together our activities. We stocked up on craft kits, and then started making up carrier bags. “

The first home crafting packs included a paint your own stones kit, a frog house or Easter basket, badges, plant your own seeds kit, a cress head pack, owl/Paddington card kits and a bottle of shiny stones.

Wendy added: “We set off round the area to deliver them, and struggled to find some of our girls on farms, roads with no names, and little cottages – SatNav hadn’t heard of most of them!”

It was all worth it though – one of the Guides said: 

"Thank you so much for all my crafts to do I have been very bored and have been baking so much that the house is full of cakes!! It was a lovely surprise and I am really looking forward to doing all of the crafts each week."