Man with bike in the countryside

Tom’s dad sadly died of cancer in 2018 but was cared for by the amazing staff and volunteers at Ashgate before he passed away.

Tom said:

“I am determined to beat both the mental and physical battle to get through this - it is going to take all my strength and determination to ride for 24 hours covering the distance from North Derbyshire (where Ashgate provide their vital services) to Dartmouth.”

Tom’s dad did not want to spend his final days or to lay to rest in a hospital and Ashgate Hospice were able to make sure that the family had the help and support they needed it to keep his dad at home where he wanted to be.

Tom added:

“We had to take dad to Ashgate Hospice to spend his final days among some of the most caring, kind and attentive people, who really did their very best to make sure dad was at peace and in no pain when he left us; a hospice in the true essence of the word. He was truly at peace with mum beside him holding his hand.”

He’ll be carrying out his challenge on a virtual trainer on June 3rd, which has special significance as it is Tom’s dad’s birthday.

Tom will be live streaming the event.

Tom added:

“There is never a day that doesn't go by where I don't think about my dad. I miss him terribly and I would give so much just to have a few more minutes with him but I feel so much for my mum who is heartbroken and has lost her one and only true soulmate, in some ways this pain is the worst for me as a son.

“We received so much care and kindness from Ashgate, so much so that there is an endless support network for my mum and in that she is trying to rebuild her life.

“I don't think until you have seen the support and care from Ashgate first hand that you can truly appreciate what they do for people in their local community. In my humble opinion they are an essential part of people's lives but sadly have to survive on their own two feet and this is why I want to fundraise for them.”

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